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宝贝乖把腿张开你的水好好喝|任仲传风痛康膜"Degui." Cold voice sounded, Mrs CAI figure appeared in the hall, looking at a face frowning CAI MAO, indifferent way."This...... "Zhang lu's complexion became ugly. After a long time, he asked," how many soldiers and horses have come?"Jizhou, yecheng.

On the walls of yecheng, looking at the front sight, Zhao De and behind him as he was watching a group of yecheng distribution, pale at the back of the enemy began to methodically collecting bodies and JianCu, finally will heat the oil on the body, direct burning, many people really began to tremble, three thousand people, did not even hold down, the somebody else a wave of attacks was defeated, finally comes back, don't even are less than two thousand people, lu bu's army, should have been tough to!! ? A deep wave of despair swept over all."I... "Zhang yun was about to answer, but the words to the mouth, but suddenly frightened to kuai yue:" how do you know the difference?"The Lord wants to see you once. Follow me!" Maid now face is terrible, cold before schaaf reaction to come over, a palm knocks him directly, two who came in, with a directly sack Chen GUI, wrapped up, walked towards the door, so big Chen Fu, silent, without a sound, a line of three, so blatantly Chen Fu, sacks, wrapped in a car< / p > < p > ready on the cart, with the token of the Chen house, easily left xuzhou, until the second day, the Chen family was found to be full of slaughter, this is since the assassination began, the first uprooted family, as the news spread, caused a greater panic.宝贝乖把腿张开你的水好好喝|"More argument makes more sense." Lyu3 bu4 say with smile: "he is our child, will inherit everything to me, so he should bear more than others, the future is to provoke the jiangshan, a child grew up under the parents' wings, can't carry this burden, if love dearly, Mrs Mrs I can again send a, whether male or female, let him always lady????????? How about"

宝贝乖把腿张开你的水好好喝|"Wei shuhuan! Zheng xiaotong ran said, "if you disrespect our ancestors again, please get out of chang 'an academy. I have been very busy recently and have no time to chat with you.""Send more scouts to find their food routes." Xia houyuan shen said: "command the ministries, no I will, no one is allowed to go out without authorization."

Xun yu shook his head: "long and go, there are some things to deal with.""I know! Cao cao snatched the letter from the hands of a minor official and tore it into pieces crazily. Laughing, cao cao said, "we played a trick on him. I have no reason to be angry! '"Please get up, general, my Lord thirst for wisdom, the general's talent, early heard, from now on you and I are colleagues, do not need to be so. Zhaoyun reached out his hand, lifted him up from the forbidden, and spoke kindly and consoled.宝贝乖把腿张开你的水好好喝|




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