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无敌翼手龙钾旺颗粒水溶肥"Beigong, what else do you have to say?" Yang looked at the north palace, sneer at 1."Here!" Han Deshun hand-copied a piece of mutton, put it in his mouth severely refused a few times, began to gather military forces, will collect the horses to all, with lyu3 bu4 a cry, chasing the escaped huns.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, wanted to think, finally shook his head, is really not, even if the township needs cultural literacy is not high, as long as literacy, lyu3 bu4 now in hand, literate people are not many, zhang liao, seibel these generals he can't let them run to the countryside to do education.

"We set out early this morning." QinWei command doubts to d."Let them drag on." Lyu3 bu4 don't care about the marching speed was slowed down in general, thought: "Let people take the weapons of the huns, tell them, to fight, will be sent to them.""Yes, sir, close up!" The general hung up his sword, a wave of his hand, suddenly appeared on both sides of the mountain a lot of figure, quickly converge to this side, under the count, unexpectedly enough to have more than five hundred people.无敌翼手龙Chapter 36 commanding

无敌翼手龙"At the end of the will Li Bao, see nationalities a captain." Lieutenant toward zhong yao bow way."Blow your own trumpet!" Zhou Cang came up with people, disdain glanced at d."Here!"

Chen Gong nodded, Smiling at Chen Qun way: "Long article don't know, Changan is different now, Three auxiliary places, after Li Guo 's rampage, Thousands of miles of wilderness, Master will now nanyang, hanoi people moved to two places, Grains and hay consumption, all rely on government relief, Now although some grain merchants sell grain here, But the price of grain is quite high, in the central plains, can buy a stone millet price, here can only buy two buckets, changwen brought these jade, jewelry, gold and silver, here in changan instead depreciated, less than half of the central plains, looks like a lot, actually converted into hay to comfort the families of casualties has been reluctant. ""Quick, stop him!" Call hutch springs didn't expect the han army, unexpectedly have such a tough general, frightened, also can't continue to command the team, while riding back, while commanding around martial arts forward siege lyu3 bu4."Know who is the general who captured the mud Yang?" Liang Xing ugly way.无敌翼手龙




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