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李兰迪个人资料|百度推广联系方式"Roar ~"I'm afraid in this woman's plan, he is not to woo, but to get rid of the people, but did not expect to give themselves on the contrary.After midnight, can clearly feel those patrolling soldiers began to become scattered, the number is gradually decreasing, at the same time, the joint camp torches, also a lot less.

"Get up and tell the ministries to prepare for the invasion!" Daxi Xinjue longed for the day when he ascended to the throne of Khan, and his pride dried up in the cloud.Say that finish also ignore the other huns, stood up and staggered toward the outside of the tribe."Hsiung, it's up to you." Lyu3 bu4 side head, looked at the male broad sea laughed.李兰迪个人资料|"Damn it!" Zhang he unwilling way.

李兰迪个人资料|On the tower, see d retreat, zhang he not without excitement way: "strategist, this is the time to pursue the enemy.""What can this say? Craftsmen for the men to provide excellent armor weapons, merchants also brought huge benefits, let the people more affluent, very good." Zhaoyun shook his head.

"These are..." Step root eyes suddenly a clot, those suddenly in trouble, is clearly the herdsmen of the tribe, why these people want to attack us.If it is ordinary xianbei people, it is difficult to tell what temperament from lyu3 bu4, plus lyu3 bu4 tall, appearance is also very impact, plus the original are conference semifinals, so in the king's court, from beginning to end no one doubted lyu3 bu4's true identity."You two led a title of generals in ancient times camp, with master's horses, weapons and eagles, to wait near the king's court, with mosan, the eagle will find master, then, the main council with eagles to contact you, and so on, then at master's disposal."李兰迪个人资料|




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