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粗的兽根红色好大好烫|重庆天宸律师事务所An unscrupulous possession of khan woman man, loyalty is simply a joke, just these things, simply can't be used as her weapon against lyu3 bu4, once said, that she will never recover.Lyu3 bu4 here, is to January 10 stone to pay, one hundred and twenty stone, before, has been a satrap-level salary, and magistrate, in the system of officials, and county commanders these belong to the lowest level of officials, and then up, satrap, the main book, don't drive the state secretariat of the following officials, than in previous years the han dynasty official system has not a small promotion."General, tiger fastened shut occupied, what shall we do?" Sunlight west slant, coss with men set up camp in jujube, that year a governors for dong war, the worst hit is not luoyang, but jujube, hundreds of governors army stationed, hundreds of miles, jujube square miles, as locusts transit, even after so many years, is a desolation.

Looking at Stephen, Quetzon said coldly, "Only when these men are dead can we trust them.""Well." Falling in grant nodded, Turning to zhang he laughed. "human slaughter, Heaven will answer, Is to show greedy wolf, seven kill, broken army three fierce stars, Now should be northwest, Samsung converge, is to kill the situation of the wolf, also known as day wolf made ZiWei, when should be in the business tiger, in addition to master and cao cao for the central plains, north pattern, master if win, will gather ZiWei, but if cao cao wins, is ZiWei dim, day wolf made ZiWei potential, then, is really chaotic! "粗的兽根红色好大好烫|Chapter 52 prairie decisive battle (2)

粗的兽根红色好大好烫|"I have a feeling that this meeting was no accident." Looked at the direction of the woman to leave, just that brief eye contact, let lyu3 bu4 feel some of the woman is not simple, simple woman also won't have that kind of look."Thank you, Chief." Han sui kneel on both knees, toward the new daxi bow down to the ground.In the memory of the predecessor, in fact, in the process of leaving changan, all the way to xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 actually has the opportunity to stand on his own feet in bing, when the satrap of the upper party made public, but also took the initiative to invite lyu3 bu4, unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 refused.

Looking at the crowd, Lyu3 bu4 harsh voice: "Today said this, also hope you don't want to blind arrogance, every decision, all think about the burden on you, your relationship, but countless children's lives, if because of blind confidence or a wrong decision and killed tens of millions of children, that is the battlefield, not worthy of call a hero!""Yes!" Zhang he smell speech nodded, immediately point out of the city three thousand military forces."Han sui, see patriarch." Han sui to Daxi new deferential way.粗的兽根红色好大好烫|




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