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混账女人休想逃泡沫板材Today since the encounter, and the opponent or hu, lu lingqi nature will not let the dead."Be."Charming from righteousness, Addis natural not strange, all for the motherland, the tiger firmly shut, lyu3 bu4 though almost the sun hae-chan killed, but for the repeatedly hit the conference semifinals cavalry, fellow BianJun lyu3 bu4 or rather appreciated, before sun hae-chan lost lombardi, died of self-immolation in yi jing, white horse from righteousness, also became a thing of the past.

On November 15, when the weather in the north was already in the middle of winter, the first task of the three hundred guards, after they had become guards of lu bu, was not to go into battle and fight courteously, but to form a procession of soldiers with red and colorful coats."This wench, dare arrogant in the somebody else's territory son!" Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, can't help stuffy hum 1, on the face however take a few minutes of smile meaning: "notice zhou cang, hurry up take her to come back."Tu's military forces have been Biao ride a battalion of morale, the king of tu's being struck at the moment, the devil is three hundred, where there is resistance, grasslands, for national concept is very weak, the strong for honour truth has almost on every grassland people inside, for lyu3 bu4 struck tu the king, in addition to some tu the confidant of the king of also want to resistance, most tu every one of them is laid down their weapons and toward the lyu3 bu4 devout worship down, this is the law of the prairie, the strong for the king!混账女人休想逃Although the xiongkuo sea has always been the close personal guard of lv bu, but in terms of force, under lv bu's account, there are really few people are his opponents, and lv bu also attaches great importance to the xiongkuo sea, even if it is diao chan and others, will not really look at the attitude of people to treat the xiongkuo sea.

混账女人休想逃Lv bu moved a chair to sit under one of the eaves of the garden, looking at the sable cicada and liu yun standing side by side intoxicated in the beautiful snow mist, the United States is like a painting.In the room, diao cicada's scream is still continuing, the child also don't know how to return a responsibility, an hour, still not born, anxious a group of stable old woman turn round and round, especially outside the cry more let everyone have a kind of daze don't know what to do.In the past, lv bu always thought that the so-called famous city was any city under his control. It was not until he settled down in chang 'an that he knew that the so-called famous city, or at least a city above the level of county administration, was qualified to be called a famous city.

On the vast land, thirty thousand xiongnu cuirassiers gathered into a huge array, dense as locust like swept by, billowing smoke from after the rolling up, gradually rising, seen from a distance, like a sandstorm swept over the general.Shanzhai YuanMen, two famous mountains thief dozen nap, boring, after all, was not a regular army, and stockade is hidden, while symbolic sent people to wake, but the discipline loose where the mountain thief is willing to perform in this boring things, not to the middle of the night, the lights in the shanzhai hasn't completely extinguished, two famous mountains the thief had already sleep snoring rang.混账女人休想逃




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