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来书小说网|温控仪价格"Come out." Lyu3 bu4 looked to one side of the wing, smiled and said: "adult zhang has promised you, also don't come out to thank adult zhang.""A title of generals in ancient times!" They were shocked to giffin, a title of generals in ancient times is lyu3 bu4 life artisan camp to red gold cast token, see if see lyu3 bu4 himself, a title of generals in ancient times to make a, any office is void, must unconditionally listen to the dispatch of a title of generals in ancient times.But we must not say that the Hu people are really vulnerable, the Hu 's methods of warfare really had no merit, Just because the conference semifinals don't have the art of war these ready-made things, also let conference semifinals often won't be bound by rules and regulations, really fight, you will find, many times conference semifinals war, unrestrained, will not according to common sense card, their combat experience, that is really summed up in a real battle, in exchange for life.

"At the end of the day will be willing to respect the command of the strategist!" D gnash teeth, nodded.Think of d, liang xing heart at the moment surged with an unspeakable sense of despair, at the beginning of the children, now let oneself feel the pressure, that has been called the west cool, will be followed by Korea cut must abandon robes, even with lyu3 bu4 d now how horrible?Chen Xing rushed to the left and to the right in the disorderly army, but more and more jun around him, lamenting in his heart: "I have to rest my life!"来书小说网|"Hum!" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at, ignored, this is the first time he felt this rejection from the qi, not only qi, but also heaven and earth, this battle down, conference semifinals potential decline, xianbei chaos, there should be a period of brilliant xianbei qi, after the first world war, I'm afraid will be born to cut off.

来书小说网|Two people before and after, to the sun is about to completely set, just back to the king's court, the king's tent, kui head is with several king's court chief will discuss what, lyu3 bu4, nature again by kui head excluded, for this, lyu3 bu4 is not surprised, there is always a time for him to ask himself.Falling in to grant looked north of the wild goose gate, wry smile way: "lyu3 bu4 is coming!"

Step root suddenly hit a shiver, looked at his eldest brother, astringent track: "But this, will it be too much?""Inside the king's court, there is a mole!" Quebec head most shocked, or Wang Ting high-level mole, it is also the reason for this mole, killed his brother step to root, Quebec head eyes became red, gnashing teeth: "Who? Who is it that caused the step to root!""Shut up!" With a cold face, the judge said, "Drag this man down and make an example of him by beheading him."来书小说网|





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