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2017年5月30日水泥地面裂缝处理Looking at the faces of all the people, li ru smiled and said, "I do have a proposal. Several people present should have certain prestige in the fire and block qiang.After meditating for a moment, li ru looked at li kan and said, "are all the qiang leaders who have surrendered familiar to the general?"Tian feng walked into the conference hall with a sullen face, a clear and wordy face, and an indescribably angry face. At the moment when he saw yuan shao, he said angrily, "my Lord, the battle is about to begin with cao cao. ?"

At that moment nod promise, pick up the gun, ride horse forward, a move in the rules of the middle of the horizontal thorn to lv lingqi thorn.Can be pressed by the enemy only with the momentum of the commotion, the morale of the army down, is not the mob? But lv bu does not have any method temporarily, so-called elite, pass a field to win namely, the self-confidence that piles up still has pair of victory desire, be like the yue shi now, they desire victory, desire honor, desire harvest, it is this kind of desire, let them stand firmly behind lv bu.The first row crouched down on the spot and began to fill the case of the crossbow. The second row quickly buckled the crossbow. At that moment the force of the crossbow was at its maximum.2017年5月30日While in the later known as the battle of guandu, but in fact there is no this war underscored the importance of guandu, cao cao and Carthage in preparation stage, the white horse, branches, hedong and gaotang area, are both sides of the competition for places, lyu3 bu4 and giffin do each party, respectively, the role of Carthage and cao cao, deduction on the possible future directions.

2017年5月30日But in this way, but not willing to lose to the men of lu lingqi sheep, the general house a group of maids gathered, all day drill, in order not to affect the diao chan rest, the training site will be placed in the area of quite large chang 'an order here, and then the government in a group of old men suffered.At first, then also in the organization the soldiers to fight back, but as the qiang people to join the war, again with some of don't come over, although more qiang people, but actually cannot shake Korea hence army, but zhang liao, he won't, but like a Wolf king took a pack of wolves cruising in the side, with the army just appear tiny flaw, zhang liao will take people rushed up to smartly, flaw will turn into a fissure, easy retreating, qiang people to attack.

Liu bao sits on his throne, frowning to listen to the cry, the heart is rising a boring, originally according to his plan, provoke Wolf qiang, tu each, first zero and the contradiction between the month, after all, the battle last year, calculate, the month is a vested interest."Why do you treat him so well? There are several generals tied up there because he is han?" A few qiang soldier frown took leg of lamb, smell that tangy aroma, a few people could not help swallowing saliva, the heart is not for a while in the pocket."Lord." Hesitating for a moment, zhou cang looked at lv bu and said, "actually, the young lady is quite talented in marching and fighting."2017年5月30日




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