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余宓素颜|苗山火灸贴"Rear team back, prepare for battle!" Wei yan obviously feel that zhang fei ill-intentioned eyes staring at his side, can't relax the surveillance of the other military forces, but the enemy in the rear has also jumped out of the woods at the moment.Inside?

Will be the remnant of pretty soldiers into a team, looking for a more friendly general led with five creek pretty, zhuge liang in the third day, with a huge army came to deyang city.Lu su commanded the men to push down the corpse on the wall, there are enemies, also have their own people, has begun to dry up the dark red blood and the corpse interweave, in the sunset, as jiujiang county, at the moment the YinLing like a piece of shura hell.Ma Su looks a little ugly, Lv Zheng also ignored him, continued: "If I were you, since the purpose is to capture me, that after talking about some families, will immediately attack, will not give me so long time to prepare, and you are in order to be safe, must take all thirty thousand troops, chengdu although new, but after all this is my lv's territory, how can you take it easy to deploy? This is a second defeat."余宓素颜|"Yes!" Lieutenant promised, hurriedly let the flag bearer will command.

余宓素颜|Chapter one hundred and nineteen wei"Yes." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and nodded, "the sky to not take, but by its blame, don't want to seal the king, sun quan also sent me such a gift!""Whatever you want." Lu Zheng cool way: "but when my fath spoke of it in that past, Can't help but regret, you have talent, but it's a pity that the lack of experience, and was praised too high, in jingzhou, can let you experience the opportunity is not much, father talked about in the past, also some regret, but people have ambitions, I guanzhong now the most is talent, think for yourself, kongming this battle, will be defeated, as for how long liu bei can stick to, that depends on his nature. "

"Cheng general can recognize this thing?" The man wrapped in his cloak interrupted Cheng Fang directly and flashed a token in his hand at Cheng Fang."Shit!" Ma's face changed, harsh voice way: "Quick, with Li Hun, Xie Yun two generals meet!"Without the slightest hesitation, haven't wait for Xie Yun these QinWei start, around already waiting in the side of the guanzhong elite at the same time to crossbow shooting, Xie Yun QinWei haven't had time to start, was shot down.余宓素颜|




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