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王棠云依偎余文乐|虎牙价格"The last general is willing to follow your instructions and welcome the champion to shu!" Zhuoyang quickly knelt down first, followed by several generals followed zhuoyang knelt down."What did the general say?" Ford's heart beat a little faster, but he looked blankly at Chen.Chapter 81 the nighthawk

"What does master mean?" Wei yan looked at fa zheng with some dissatisfaction. Just now he had the chance to save liu's life, but he was prevented by fa zheng"The enemy, general, has no baggage but fodder. The beasts in the camp are still intact, but the ballista are completely destroyed." The general galloped to pound and informed him of the situation in the camp. Obviously, the other side did not grasp that they could escape the pursuit of the army and horses with the baggage, so all the unnecessary burdens were left behind.Thinking of this, zhuge liang could not help frowning, if so, it is necessary to arrange a good life, as far as possible to avoid the conflict between the two sides.王棠云依偎余文乐|"How many garrisons are there in the city?" Wei yan-shen asked.

王棠云依偎余文乐|Chen knew clearly what the enemy was planning. He shouted angrily, stepped on a ship and rushed towards lv meng. The moment he landed, Chen was in despair.On the way, many generals who had received the news also came, including a dozen who had previously acted against the soldiers. They only saw the pale complexion of liu's face, and no one came forward to talk to him"You can leave as soon as possible, so that no one will be suspicious. When I have sent you both out of the house, I will tell you to lock up his wife before he leaves chengdu, so that he will not be able to murder anyone in his anger Monda glanced at them, and did not know where the law was drawing these strange things from.

"Let him in." Deng xian glanced at liuBut the opponent for the life of contempt let guan yu this and others feel some despair, what are these hu people thinking?王棠云依偎余文乐|




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