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伧乱的真实故事|牛粪发酵Zhang yan is to discuss how to break the enemy, the arrival of lyu3 bu4 although some unexpected, but only few lyu3 bu4 military forces, also let Zhang Yansheng idea, lyu3 bu4 thoroughly will stay here, that his army in Montenegro, can penetrate, bing, become one of the governors, at this time, but see lyu3 bu4 single horse rushing down.Lu xun and gu shao eye to eye, can see the horror in the eye of the other side, if lv bu army from top to bottom is so eliminated, plus from time to time to play wild earn commission outside, what point is the force of lv bu strong?Liu bei shang can sink live gas, but zhang fei is not good, every day camp scold, hope the tiger prison shut xu sheng can run out like a man to die.

Jiang orz nodded his head in agreement, but zhou cang and the soldiers of the hussars around him showed sympathy on their faces, and the better they performed, the worse they would be in front of the black version of the Lord.Looked at lyu3 bu4 merciless eyes kept locked themselves, zhang yan suddenly some regret, lyu3 bu4, one person alone with cao cao lombardi lyu3 bu4 forces have to compete with the skill, moreover, lyu3 bu4 is not weak, that I am some ideas, and should not be stopped after the kill He Man also kill tube hai, thoroughly lyu3 bu4 offend to death, the curse of today."Zhaoyun, ganning! Gao shunshen voice channel.伧乱的真实故事|"Why do you suddenly feel strange? Zu su was lv bu calculated so bad, finally perhaps also grateful for the vote, and then do three years of hard work in vain?" Pang tong frowned at Chen gong and said, "Mr. Gong tai, do you know if I have a salary?"

伧乱的真实故事|Chapter 99 the weapon that laid the foundation of the great houseLyu3 bu4 rise step by step, he carried too many people's hatred and discrimination as well as with too many people in the hope, though the sable cicada never interventions, but at this moment, she was able to realize lyu3 bu4 the mood of the moment, the tender will be his whole body in the spacious comfortable arms, looked at the sky the stars with lyu3 bu4, for a long time to leisurely way: "husband, deploying again?"In June, the hot sun baked the earth, the hot sun, lv bu a military uniform, javelin like standing on the point.

"Be." Jia xu bowed and said, "my Lord and minister also want to send a good disputor to persuade jingxiang and jiangdong. If either side is willing to make an alliance with our army, it will be enough to break the dilemma of our army being isolated by the vassal.""In addition... "Judge match to think a way:" two childe now sit in youzhou, the Lord should also contact some, youzhou is jizhou north portal, if you state lost, then zhang liao army can drive into the north of hebei, and lv bu echo, for the Lord, is the biggest crisis.< / p > < p > small eyes flashed a flash of anger, but in the face of lv lingqi and zhaoyun attack together, but also can only be tired of dealing with, the whole camp of soldiers saw huang grandfather son ran, the night, also do not know around the people is the enemy is friend, began to swarm to scatter, trampling on each other and countless dead.伧乱的真实故事|




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