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郑宇成女友|zn63-12"I will send someone to inform general wei yan to escort hanzhong grain and grass to meet the urgent need. General liu and general deng xian have extensive connections in the middle of shu. They can immediately send someone to each city to lobby and persuade them to surrender Pang tong laughed."My Lord, the horse is ready." The butler came out of the room, and trembled to hear a deep growl."Master... "Huang quan stepped forward and shook his head with a complicated face.

However, liu zhang's drawing of the tiger did not turn out to be an anti-type dog, which failed to win the hearts of the people. Instead, he hated the old and noble family in shu, which resulted in the loss of the hearts of the people, and finally led to the end of betrayal."Shu is in control, but watch out for jingzhou, zhuge liang to this person, the vision is extremely strong, now the alliance now that is broken, and will return JingXiang urged liu bei, when the degree of life and yuan, filial piety straight as soon as possible, don't want to give each other chance, as long as shu, the general trend in the world do in master to master, as for JingXiang, separate the chess pieces, it is time to use." Jia xu smiled and looked at lu bu."Master has made, the former milan hah, although during his tenure, unmistakably identified, breeding resentment, but it is the han clan, stripped of its hah, preserve its title, made to date, with a title of generals in ancient times, who returned to luoyang, served as minister to a, the other, before the profit ShouJiang Ren Zhong liver righteousness, bravery, brave, promoted to general coach, led the profit, many less for the main, to protect the profit." With that, the broad sea took a seal from an hussar and looked at the crowd. "who is zhang ren?郑宇成女友|"Yes, night huang! Separate eyes, flashing a bit disappointed: "one night burn, swim, ha ha, if you can complete the task master handed down, burn can restore free night, otherwise, the task fails, die, up to now, I don't know any night burn who is left alive, I thought I would be the first, now, hehe... "

郑宇成女友|When he saw zhou yu's face clearly, lv meng felt his head pop and fell to his knees. He looked at zhou yu's dead body in a dazed state, and his mind kept echoing with zhou yu's words before he left.Early in the morning, in the air with a cold, is particularly afflictive, pang tong to stand outside the secretariat office, some stared method is angrily helpless, behind him, swaney, ling bract and others is to a group of the profit family glare zhangsong, milan have lost everything, after all this, even if milan do not tunnel at the time, but now shu has perish, the milan is no longer a monarch, how these people is engaged."How many men and horses are they carrying?" Yan yan looks at the scouts and asks quietly.

However, cao cao is not xiang yu, lyu3 bu4 nor that year is the fall of qin, the intrepid battle effectiveness of group in guanzhong plain, far beyond the liu bei, and after a steady stream of conference semifinals was sent with them desperately, let liu bei some tired, the heart has got the announcement, especially zhuge liang in the letter has not been too good, illustrates the JingXiang situation should also prepare troops and zhuge liang shu, in order to prevent jiangdong enter, need to liu bei sat back to jingzhou.Pang tong frowned slightly, but did not care, only a slight look at liu d * * * dChapter 94 pressure郑宇成女友|




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