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培查雅 朝哇里|郦志隆降压表官方网"What? The commander is dead! ?" The soldiers who were near heard the little soldier's voice, and the whole bank of the river burst open."You...... "This speech, whether deng xian or liu renrentian and account of the complexion of many generals are not

"Misunderstanding? Liu DHS sneer at 1, shook his head: "back to chengdu in January, I not see milan side, it is said that milan has been ignored government affairs for march, general ling bract has been milan took power, now chengdu a cigar smoke, that day I forced into secretariat office, it is with my own ears I heard, were it not for the shorts to stop in time, today, I might have become a glass of yellow"I am not a loyal minister." Meng da wen yan, sneer at a way: "if the general still want to continue foolish loyalty, then please general, next time if you want to find liu zhang desperately, will never block you."In fact, the grain could have been transported by ship. If the grain could have been transported by flotilla against the river, our army's logistic supply would have been assured at least until it reached jiangzhou." Ma liang sighed and smiled sadly.培查雅 朝哇里|You should know that lv meng was zhou yu's confidant, and zhou yu died at the hands of zhuge liang. Even though there were many secrets, they could not be told on the surface, and people in jiangdong would not believe it.

培查雅 朝哇里|Chapter 82 the people of shuThen frowning, he said, "then how could you be sure it was your dog"Just as well, as long as today can leave guan yu, again big loss is worth it." Pound did not care about the casualties, anyway, these are hu bing, put it bluntly is slaves, if you can slave soldiers in exchange for guan yu's life, how much value.

But the opponent for the life of contempt let guan yu this and others feel some despair, what are these hu people thinking?Staring at the crowd and taking a deep breath, he was about to speak when an officer of the army came in, looked at the crowd and declared, "your generals, there is an ugly man outside the camp who calls himself pang tong of guanzhong"I'm trying to save the general." 'said monda, shaking her head.培查雅 朝哇里|




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