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久保田结衣旅行社推广System there is no very good solution, in line with the era of various ge crossbow drawings there was, need is fame, but the technical things price is too high, at lyu3 bu4 spent sixty thousand achievement and popularity to training camp guard after five thousand, there was no prestige to pay this charge, can only hope on these craftsmen.While Chen gong, zhang already seems to be some mischief, but after all is a female tiger door, Addis follow lyu3 bu4 crisscrossed, knowledgeable, who don't like a sewing, but like knives guns, or working on art of war, soldiers from practice is not weak, at first the sharper soldiers still in the office with something of the idea of take advantage of, but then, the help is Addis build ShaQi to teach them how to female points minutes."Afraid of what? Lyu3 ling3 qi4 leng4 of the silver gun grasp in the hand: "since already come, that let these xian3 bei4 people know our fierce, the bolt top string, act according to the occasion!"

..."General, three general avenged, I'm afraid at the moment can't peace of mind to recuperate, and meng qi general shen yong, have him in, also can reduce qiang people's hostility to our army. Li ru said with a smile."General, it's time." In zhang liao's camp, li ru immediately found zhang liao when he got the news of the sharpshooter who had quietly escaped from the chaotic army.久保田结衣Lv lingqi a slap in the face in the past, feng eyes a open, cold hum way: "I am the western regions are all protect, is your king, see me also want to pay homage to the ceremony, roll!"

久保田结衣"It's up to you! < / p > < p > lu lingqi see the situation has been decided, the rest of the matter to Yin wei, now even if he does not want to kill, also have to kill, lu lingqi with the troops, return to the palace, but face dignified zhaoyun."Is that akuli?" From a distance, he saw a man of the size of a mighty sea tied to a pillar, Shouting abuse at the han troops guarding him."What is the name of this gentleman?" Chen gong's voice sounded from behind lu lingqi.

"But with these two thousand soldiers and horses, the four thousand slaughters will be much more honest." Jia xu laughed.Leng jun's voice, but showing a desolate and heroic, perhaps after today, the world will no longer white horse righteousness from, but white horse righteousness from the verve, but never lose.< / p > < p > lu lingqi weekdays in some charming pretty big miss temper, character is more straightforward, but at the moment, when the Chen palace really plate face to talk to her, lu lingqi's arrogance was immediately pressed down, for the important minister around lu bu, lu lingqi but dare not act, darling way: "ling qi do not know, also hope that the gentleman to solve the confusion.久保田结衣





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