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郑州日产办公自动化|运城银光镁业"More than half a year." Ford shook his head. "I can't remember."In fact, not only liu bei, after lyu3 bu4 the average-land system under unprecedented achievements, cao cao, sun quan and milan are consciously curl land, although there is no introduced showed average-land system, but a similar system appeared many, of course, is very careful, because this is an issue hit family roots, carelessly, there is a risk over the edge, so cao cao and sun quan, in this respect is very carefully, every step even afraid, would rather not do no risk.Although it was not as strong as the momentum of the governors against dong, it was not at all weak or even stronger in terms of momentum. At that time, it looked like the momentum of the governors was so great that they actually had their own ideas.

"Brother ziyu! Several famous onlookers quickly stepped forward and helped wang up. One of them, an old man, glared at meng da and said, "meng da, even if you are not a king, you once had a battle with your Lord, Lord, king and minister. ?"Cao cao looked at liu bei's eyes with a little cold, holding the armrest of the palm because of the force, knuckles become white."Not sure." Wei yan shook his head.郑州日产办公自动化|"An old carcase, do not accuse me of wronging you. If you beg for mercy now, I will spare your life!" Sun yi turned over and mounted the horse, pointing a long gun at huang zhong.

郑州日产办公自动化|"The eldest brother and the second elder brother are in front of the bloody fight, but I stay in xiangyang listen to you here nonsense? If we wait any longer, the battle ahead will be finished." Zhang fei's dissatisfaction toward zhuge liang nu way, the voice of the whole ci shi fu can clearly hear."Poop-poop poop-poop ~""Just as the consigliere said, it would be very powerful if we could advance within eighty paces. However, we only advanced it within a hundred paces. "Shook his head, guan yu wry smile way:" even can't break open the other side shield.

Another wave of arrows shot up into the air. This time, they hit cao cao's troops directly. Xia houyuan this time face all green, the sad and shrill growl way: "Lord, quick retreat!""You can't fake this stuff." Zhou yu looked at lv meng with a smile and shook his head. "judging from the location, hukou is indeed the best place for liu bei to store grain.郑州日产办公自动化|




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