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百度指数公开版|密云企业"Yi?" Zhang fei picked pick eyebrow, doubt of see toward front of old man, thick eyebrow one xuan: "you are not zhou yu, you are who?""Arrogance! < / p > < p > sun yi complexion a black, looking at jiangdong, is zhou tai, tai shi ci these generals dare not look down on him so, the old man, dare to put this wild words, today is not to kill, also want to give the old man a lesson, also called the world hero know, jiang dong not only small overlord sun ce, and his sun yi."If you had said that a month ago, you wouldn't know, but now... "Pang tong put the wine bowl on the table and shook his head and smiled." the general trend has been decided.

Face jun this deadly game, tactics is useless talk, more arrows from the wall of the constraints, can no longer as before in coverage, only single crossbows, even crossbows and crossbow to overlay the jun shoot, but it is so, after jun also cost hundreds of thousands of casualties, just touch the wall."Whether jingzhou can be captured or not depends on this time!" Zhou yu did not explain, but took the food from lv meng with a confident smile and ate it quickly."General, if you die in battle, who will protect the Lord? ?" Xing daorong not according to way: "the general is gone, the general is dead here, for the Lord, in addition to the loss of the general, there is no meaning, and do not leave useful body, the next day to kill the enemy, will make good atonement!"百度指数公开版|"Does the emperor uncle want to say to want to be king not to become?" Sun jing narrowed her eyes and said lightly.

百度指数公开版|'come again! < / p > < p > xia houyuan's eyes a bright, the line of sight staring at another group of crossbow soldiers.Waltman like sun ce indeed, even this arrogant personality is the same, only difference is that the experience of sun ce far than waltman, in LuJiang lyu3 bu4 down to the edge, for sun ce, but is a good thing, and from then on, a lot of sun ce temper convergence, there are at least lyu3 bu4 so a mountain in front of him holding up, not arrogant, arrogant, but haven't eaten waltman what kui, coupled with excellent skills, slightly in jiangdong adversaries, also let him become a bit more arrogant than when the sun ce."So, Qiao Xiong also don't want to think about criminals, the guarantee, if any accident, here tomorrow, son Qiao Xiong plan and even many enough as a witness, can appear in milan desk, when the time comes, don't say shu, the changs one door, even one comprehensive ~" method is smiling to zhangsong.

Xun has sent a caravan secretly peddlery silk road, therefore at feeling is very clear on this point, their caravans on the silk road, even if encounter robbers are treated as big ye, so at very clear lyu3 bu4 the name on the Great Wall represents what, the status of the han Chinese today are almost lyu3 bu4 one hand, it is also for the glory, the guanzhong Confucianism even be lyu3 bu4 down from the position of academic centers, rather than betray lyu3 bu4, more ashamed to interacting with zhongyuan dynasty, because of"Moreover, the five thousand hu soldiers were absolutely determined to lu bu, because lu bu brought them honor and honor." Xunyou looked at cao cao with a wry smile and said, "Lord, our army should be ready to meet lv bu's counter-attack now. We can't fight any more."In fact as long as the lyu3 bu4, milan is not willing to provoke lyu3 bu4, even in the shu dynasty in this regard also agree with milan, after all these years, shu also has the caravan in the western regions to earn the interests of rich, lyu3 bu4 not meet, but once the war, the picture has been cut off, especially in the shu, tough road, only a few of shu road, once got stuck lyu3 bu4, for shu in the family, is also a great loss.In fact, not only liu bei, after lyu3 bu4 the average-land system under unprecedented achievements, cao cao, sun quan and milan are consciously curl land, although there is no introduced showed average-land system, but a similar system appeared many, of course, is very careful, because this is an issue hit family roots, carelessly, there is a risk over the edge, so cao cao and sun quan, in this respect is very carefully, every step even afraid, would rather not do no risk.百度指数公开版|





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