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奸人慕容复海蛇肤净"Two good nieces, who have not seen each other for years, are now more elegant than ever." Two people talk between, see Yang fu however a suit of Confucianism robe, appear in front of two people."What! ?" Yuan shang, yuan tan and their officers changed their faces. Yuan shang strode forward and grabbed the soldier by the collar. At the moment, he could not take into account his own image. Why was the gate so easily breached! ?"

"Well!" A group of hussars and their guards grew more excited and began their next training.Although did not hand, but ma chao before several times with the battle, its courage has been deeply popular, li dian asked himself is not an opponent, so although ma chao Shouting fierce, the heart is really fire, but at the moment did not dare to have half a minute to stay, but more crazy to run."Yes, but we shall keep the names of these families who are willing to cooperate with us secret, and the good nephew need ask no questions in this respect. No one will tell you, no one will dare to say." Yang fu smiled.奸人慕容复Zhang liao will hanyoung body down, looking at're overwhelmed yuan jun soldiers, sink a track: "my Lord rende, as long as you soldiers put down their weapons, we let bygones be bygones, you may not know, my Lord, lyu3 bu4 now compromised yecheng, yuan tan has died, leaving only yuan still remains, in a few days can be broken, Yuan Jia has found, you continue to get loyal to Yuan Jia?"

奸人慕容复"It's hard work." Pang tong shook his head, since want to go to war, and can not monopolize the power, lu bu seems to have been very fond of letting him make interpersonal relations, make coordination, but this is not his strength?"But who is it?" Zhaoyun complexion a tight, before the dialogue with Yang fu, also let zhaoyun feel the pressure of this trip, not as simple as it seems, they have to face, accurate to say is not as a monarch liu biao, but from the gentry of the difficult and even cruel hands, those people finally could not help but start?

"Three younger brother, quick retreat!" The rear spread liu bei's voice, zhang feicai unwilling to bow out of range, zhang eight snake spear toward the city head a point, roar way: "shameless little thief, your three ye remember you, the day of the city break, I must be living tore your skin!"With a livid complexion, yuan shang looked into froyuan's eyes with a look of terror.It is only like this, success and success, lv bu will think about these things, but this thought is some can not stop, all sorts of past life, before he would rarely think, but at the moment from the brain to jump, the more do not want to think, jump more joy.奸人慕容复




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