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c9济科|励学南大考研网"Is that akuli?" From a distance, he saw a man of the size of a mighty sea tied to a pillar, Shouting abuse at the han troops guarding him.A Wolf qiang naked woman rushed out of the tent, crazy beside a young bodies, tore heart crack lung of cry, three disheveled huns rushed out with a smile, from the tent her from behind a keep the white full body, want to go on, but see a curved knife broke the woman of snow-white skin, from the smooth back suddenly, violently into a face of astonishment of the huns in the body.Individual talents: halberd and arrow

"Poof ~""So soon! ?" Magdya exclaimed, didn't the consigliere say he would come back in three or five days?Perhaps because of his family circumstances, he is more mature than his peers, the way to see the problem, the cruel cognition of the society, is much stronger than from the greenhouse flowers, when all his peers are still immersed in the paradise like flowers, he began to constantly job-hopping, constantly absorb experience, knowledge.c9济科|At the same time, thousands of miles away on the grassland, the wind and snow cover this grassland, originally, with the current climate of the grassland, no one should be in front of such a wind and snow, but in the field covered by the screen, at the moment there is a figure diffuse aimless on the grassland.

c9济科|< / p > < p > ride the general's door suddenly open, Yang xi a white armor, armed with a bow and arrow, with a wave of general house guards rushed out, against the dead a burst of fire, at the same time harsh way: "general liao, into the house!Lv bu looked at the eagle, the untamed oh gas, but let lv bu quite like, reach out to touch, but was the guy pecked a bite, scared samba hurriedly kowtow.

"Lord, this is... "Seeing lv bu brandishing a bright sword with bare arms, Chen gong was stunned."Who are you? Lu lingqi slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at ugotan, coolly way."In a few years." Lv bu nature is also worried, just the way of the person, it is oneself choose, since the daughter chose this road, lv bu also chose to let her go chuang, this worry, also can stay in the bottom of the heart only.c9济科|





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