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淘最上海主持人郑霖|求购脱硫石膏Cao cao could react, but see each other above the shield wall, suddenly appeared a guardian, a Zhang Jin crossbow stand above the shield wall, to those at sea is equipped with a fusillade, crossbows, and range than the previous encounter even equipped with further, from xh captured a few even crossbows and crossbow, even the crossbow range is two hundred steps, as far as the crossbow is less than this range, is want to be a second catapult Cao Caocai suppress equipped with each other.Rear, quickly rushed up to a sword and shield and spear hand fill the vacant position, before such a scene in the wall, each place has been played out jun outlaw impact at all costs, even though to see that the other party is in the limits of their own was not willing to give up easily, but if you see, seibel nor is there any way to tiger fastened shut can never lost, he can only with the enemy hard shake, fortunately, high comfortable have sufficient strength, but if continue so consumption, lighting must be his first, cao cao is also saw this, only costs in this nearly in life change life style, The advantage of the crossbow of guanzhong army was greatly reduced under the opponent's deadly fighting method, and the effect was more effective than liu bei's test of not getting angry."Collect zhou yu and the remains of these warriors and bury them together. Send them to chai sang." Zhuge liang sighed and ordered.

"Not yet." Zhuge liang sat on the chair, looked up to zhang fei, a face enigmatic way.Cao cao with a group of princes, rushed to xingyang, the military has been assembled."General? Guan yu body side, deputy xing daorong doubt look at guan yu.淘最上海主持人郑霖|"Righteousness? Zhuge liang smiled and said, "I heard that nanman started to be unsettled recently, and all the troops and horses in the middle of shu were sent to fight against lv bu in hanzhong.

淘最上海主持人郑霖|But the angel of five road governors were involved in the songshan cemented, the eldest son liu to follow for cemented, sent to the milan to indicate a downward cemented, and Liu Beize is entrust military cui state flat, and close with guan yu, huang zhong, although the originators of cemented is cao cao, but in the end, or the liu, Liu Beishen for transgressions against lu bu one of the main force, while the forces than cao cao, but not weak momentum, as far as saying this is sent by ms, jiangdong although has not been completely for many, but is willing to support some hay cao cao, LuJiang shipped ShouChun, has gone through a support for the cemented."Change the crossbow! < / p > < p > finally out of the range of the rhubarb crossbow, gao shun did not hesitate to order all the crossbowmen put on a strong penetrating single shot crossbow, cao jun was a group of sword and shield at the moment, together, penetrating strong single shot crossbow at the moment is able to play a more powerful lethal force.Cao cao could not help but stare at this boy, who can see that this battle is difficult to fight, but you said it in front of so many people, this has not officially started the war, the morale of the vassal to such a sentence to fight.

< / p > < p > guan yu with a massive horse and horse to stop in pound camp six hundred steps away, make pound a face of puzzled, this guan yu why so timid, but do not know guan yu yesterday saw the power of the broken crossbow, naturally dare not let the army too forward.The penetration of lv bu to yi state has been so deep! ?"Peng ~"淘最上海主持人郑霖|




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